Crane and Storage Services

Boat Information

Spring Crane In - Request will only be accepted in the Spring please resubmit then
We are currently only taking Crane Out requests. Craning fees are calculated and charged on a pre-set amount determined by the cost of the crane and the average amount of time used. Insurance requirements is a minimum of $2 million liability.
Fall Crane Out(Required)
ON LAND WINTER STORAGE (Oct - Apr) ($10ft Members/$15/ft non-Members + GST)(Required)
If your vessel is NOT removed from LAND Storage on time in the spring (unless arrangements have been made with Marina Office) you will be charged $20/Day fee PLUS any costs relating to moving your vessel
TRAILER STORAGE Apr - Oct ($300 + GST) Request will only be accepted in the spring please resubmit then
CRADLE STORAGE Apr - Oct ($450 + GST)Request will only be accepted in the spring please re submit then
Trailer/cradles are moved to a fenced compound area and there will be no in/out movement until end of season (Apr – Oct). Trailer/Cradle fees include costs billed for movement to and from storage area. The storage area is not staffed. Parking lots for on land boat storage are patrolled regularly and on-site security is provided. All cradles/trailers/boats on trailers must have legible weatherproof identification attached (tags can pick up at Marina office if needed). All cradles, trailers, blocks (dunnage) and personal items must be removed from PYC lots on or before May 1.
Send E-transfers to:
All trailers/boats with trailers/cradles must have a waterproof identification tag visible with name & contact information (if needed please go to PYC office). I have read this agreement and consent to the terms and conditions. By consenting to the terms and conditions I will assume all responsibility waiving all recourse against PYC and its insurers.(Required)