Sublet Policy


The Penticton Yacht Club (PYC) understands that at times circumstances can arise when a moorage holder may be unable to utilize their berth (slip) for a boating season. As a result, the Penticton Marina is one of the few who offers a one season moorage sub-let policy to avoid the hardship of having to pay moorage dues to maintain a slip that will not be utilized by the primary moorage holder. Details of the policy are as follows:

  1. To be eligible, a moorage holder MUST make application for a moorage sublet and pay a nonrefundable $250.00 administration fee.
  2. The moorage sublet program takes into consideration, the slip size of the sublet request and size of the boats willing to pay for a seasonal sublet.
  3. The seasonal sublet program can be used in one single season only and cannot be used for 2 or more boating consecutive seasons. ie: If a boater sublets the slip for 2019 they cannot attempt to sublet again in 2020.
  4. Once accepted for sublet the primary moorage holder is under no obligation to pay for the slip beyond the $250.00 administration & membership fees and fully retains the rights to occupy, rent & use the same slip for the next and subsequent boating season subject to regular marina rules and regulations contained in the moorage contract.
  5. Locating seasonal sub-tenants, enforcing insurance regulations and collection of moorage fees of the vessel occupying a sublet slip is the responsibility of the PYC.
  6. Requests to deviate from this policy will only be considered under extenuating circumstances provided the request is in writing.
  7. All moorage sublet requests are subject to the approval of PYC with no guarantees an application will be approved. PYC will make every reasonable effort to accommodate as many seasonal sublet requests as possible.
  8. PYC would like to remind all moorage holders that any sublet or rental of a moorage slip without approval may result in the permanent loss of moorage.

For further information regarding this policy, please contact the Marina Manager.